Our last days have been filled with so much love our hearts could burst! To say we loved the last 14 days would be an understatement. We soaked up every hug, touch, laugh, and ounce of fun.

My parents were here for two great weeks. We see each other one time a year - max. This is the third time they have visited us abroad and the first time that I was not hugely pregnant and waiting on a sweet baby. So, this time, we got to DO STUFF! Lots of fun stuff and really show them our city. We were on GO! (and I think we are all feeling it now). It was so worth all the late nights and full days. Because our time together is so few and far between, it is very special to us. We try to squeeze in as much as we can, talk about everything we can think of, and get and give as many hugs and kisses as possible.

So, I hope you'll excuse my absence. I'm back. Back at it. Thanks for hanging in there.

Thanks Pappa and Gram for visiting, loving us, and all the laundry, dishes, and bedtime duty you did. You are brave adventurers. Thank you for trusting God with us. We are proud to be yours! (now, get some rest!)

Do you get to spend much time with your family? What is your favorite thing to do together?

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