Good intentions. That's what I had to get back to this little space of mine. But sometimes life throws you some unexpected mountains to climb.

Here's my mountain this week: Mt. Laundry

Half the family was taken out by a nasty stomach bug this week, while the smallest of our crowd is teething and fighting an ear infection.

Despite the lack of sleep (and intended blogging), I have really enjoyed the sweet cuddles this week has brought. I'm thankful that all of this hit during a school break. So, we hunkered down, cuddled hard, watched some movies, and did lots of laundry.

I find unexpected mountains easier to climb when I look around and see the good things that come with them.

Do you look for the good things around you?

Sometimes it can take a lot of searching. But, Look! They are there. Little gifts from God, waiting for you to find.