A while back, I invited you to come on  a journey with me. My journey of finding beauty. My journey of making house a home.

So a journey isn't really a journey unless you know where you began, right? Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

I've lived in 8 different homes in my 8.5 years of marriage. ONE of those homes was our very own. The others have ranged from furnished housing, to once again owning our own things. It has been a wild ride! Just for fun, I thought I would show you a glimpse of the beginning of my beauty journey in our current home.

When we moved here, we had a completely EMPTY apartment. Empty as in no light fixtures, sleeping on the floor empty. We did have a kitchen already in the apartment (which isn't very normal for where we live), and we were excited about that! We took many trips to ikea on a tram, then bus, then reverse and repeat but add our purchases, that we could carry, and three kids! We had to wait on our shipping crate with some of our things to come before we could get the ball rolling on furnishing our home. Talk about a blank slate.

Blank - it has been overwhelming and freeing. After a million different colored rooms, a camouflage rose couch (Use your imagination. It is as bad as it sounds), a bright yellow pleather couch against peach walls, and 90's plaid - white is so refreshing. I love white. I loved the emptiness of it all. I loved the possibilities it brought. Whew, but man, its been overwhelming at the same time.

It was time to find out on my own what I thought was beautiful. What we as a family thought was beautiful. To create beauty together.  This is our beginning of our journey in our current home and its not even close to being over.

Thanks for joining!