I'm a Texas girl that really never experienced true Fall until I moved to Europe

and ...

I'm in love.

Boots. Scarves. Jackets. Sweaters. Warm Coffee. And beautiful colors of leaves all around.


I was a little sad that I was walking through these leaves. The trees have been beautiful. Soon there will be no leaves and no color.

I find it amazing that God decided that right before leaves fall to their death, they explode into beautiful vibrant colors that stop everyone in their tracks. Show stoppers. Giving everyone that can see true delight. They finish strong!

I've been doing some self evaluating lately and I have come to realize that I have more ideas in my head than actually ever get accomplished. Today as I was kicking my way through leaves everywhere I went (which today seemed like a few miles, which means there were a ton of leaves), "finish strong, finish strong," kept coursing through my mind.

Just looking around, those leaves gave it all they had and were done.

But I think the beauty in finishing strong is just like the leaves. They accomplished what they were created for and when Spring comes, they get another chance. A new job - to thrill us with green after months of drab, dark Winter.

Finishing strong makes room for starting again. For new and different. For hard. For exciting. For fun. For the chance to keep doing what I was created for.

So, whatever you are facing. Give it all you've got. Explode with all the colors God gave you. Finish strong! There's new and different waiting for us on the other side and there's a chance to walk with our Creator through it all.