I remember telling my mom after our fourth baby was born that I think we went from a crew to a crowd. So, without further ado, the group that has my heart, my crowd:

Our ring leader, my love, the one that makes me laugh more than anyone else can and makes me feel braver than I am. My encourager and best friend.


Daughter no. 1. She's brave, so brave! and knows how to have fun. The whole world is her dance floor and her giggle is the most beautiful music. I love seeing life through her big brown eyes and she has the best descriptions of everything. She loves till it hurts. She's a lover of her brothers and sister, a nurturer, and sweet friend.



Son no. 1. He's rough and tough and has the most tender heart. "Velvet Steel" is what my husband calls it. His green eyes take in his world and when he speaks you hear how his heart loves those around him. He hates when someone hurts. He's always up for a good time and loves to know the plan. He's always hungry and makes me feel like I'm the best cook in the world.


Son no.2.  My first foreign born babe. He's all or nothing. This boy lives BIG and loves BIG. He feels emotions deep and hard. He's a first responder when someone is hurt. He brings the party with him. He knows how to have a good time. He's so curious and gets into everything that he has earned the nickname George (like the monkey). He loves a captive audience and he loves to make people laugh.


Daughter no. 2. My second born foreign babe. She came into the world quickly and even though she's not been in our family very long, she brings joy and lots of giggles to our home. She is a sweet happy baby. She may grow up thinking her name is Sweet Girl, because that's what her brothers and sister call her.


That's us! Nice to meet you. We hope you'll stick around and join us on our journey.