Consistency is not my strong point. There, I said it.

Those that are closest to me tell me it's because I have a few things going on. Four to be exact. Five counting that sweet man of mine. And yes, there's that living in a foreign country thing. Oh yeah, and that learning a new language and speaking it every day thing. Let's not even talk about the dailies. You have them too. Those fun things...laundry, dishes, groceries. So, maybe I'm good at doing a lot of things at one time, and maybe I'm not so good and doing one thing all the time. But that is somewhere I want to grow and change.

 We are going on our fifth year of living in Europe and there's one thing I haven't found to be easier, yet: Me. You see, once you leave your home - that place you grew up, married, had babies - and move to your new home - that place you actually live (and have more babies), you change. I'm not the me I was before we left, and the me in my new home, will never exactly fit in because I'm not from here. But here. Here in this place, I can be me. To be consistently me. I have learned that "me" is a fluid state, depending on where I live, and how my Maker is changing me. I'm learning to be ok with that. Here, you will consistently find the me that I am at the moment - that I can promise you. Living my life with my family in the place God wants us to live, trying my best to please Him, and enjoy the life He's given me. Being myself.

So, my friends. Here's to a new start. Starting over. Keeping at it. I think it will be good for me, and I hope you will enjoy it too.


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