Its in my gut. It courses through my veins. I hear the song in my heart.


To live a life that pleases God is my heart's desire. Obedience to do what He says when I hear his voice.

A life of obedience is all but dull. Its taken me across the globe a few times. Its brought gut wrenching goodbyes, and exhilarating hellos. Its brought lots of down sizing, and lifestyle changes. Many sacrifices. But there's one thing about this life that I'm just now beginning to wrap my mind around.


How can a life of obedience and beauty co-exist? For a long time I thought they couldn't. And surely they shouldn't. That would be frivolous. That would be vain! I have had to give up so many things, and to still desire beautiful? It couldn't be right. I've lived in a place where to have anything extra or beautiful would be wasteful. I've seen people in need. Why did I still long for beauty? The desire never went away.

But, I'm thankful that I will be a work in progress until I die. Its been a process, but I'm learning that these desires in my heart for beauty aren't wrong. What if they were put there on purpose? And if so, then what should I do with them?

And I can hear it in my heart "I am the master creator of beauty. Your life lived in obedience to me can be beautiful. But also, beauty created by you is worship to me. I made you in my image and when you create beauty, you bring glory to Me." - God

This is the beginning of my eyes being opened anew to the world around me. My heart to explode in worship in new ways when I see and appreciate the beauty around me. This is me coming to terms with beauty. This is the beginning of my journey to create a beautiful home, in the footsteps of the Master Creator.

Want to join me?

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