He was searching through the clean laundry pile for his game gear. He looked up at me and began to laugh. What a morning it had already been. Four kids on school day schedules on the weekend, and two parents sipping the second cup of coffee, just trying to...get...going.

His response when I asked what was so funny?

"I go from feeding a baby and changing her diaper, to helping out with the laundry, to sacking a quarterback." Those brown eyes gleamed, "All in a day's work."

And with that, the circus continued around us, he laughed a little more, and turned to go upstairs. I just stood watching him go.

photo 3.JPG

That's him. Always cuddling a kid (which there seems to be no shortage of around here), helping get them fed, clean, and rounded up. Always helping me around the house with the endless things that never get done. Always a hard worker, striving for excellence in all of his work. Always smiling. Always laughing. Always 100%. Always ready to do what it takes.

And that's what he's been doing since April. Doing what it takes. Working hard. Staying committed. Having fun. I love getting to watch him play football. There's nothing like seeing someone do something that makes them come alive.  Its just so stinking fun!

Yesterday, the football season ended. One game before the German Bowl. Sad, hard loss. Its been a great season. I've loved watching him play. Its been a fun season. I admire the player he is even more when I think about who he is off the field too.

All in a day's work. Go 42! We love you! And we are so proud!