It really came, the first school day of my baby girl. The school supply list had been wrestled, and translated, and scribbled on. Friends had helped me find what I couldn't. The clothes had been laid out. The back pack was all packed. I knew this day would come, and I just didn't know if I was ready. She, on the other hand, could not have been more ready.

I woke up very early, had a huge cup of coffee and got ready to wake up my school girl. With a quick picture posted of my sleeping beauty, I went and woke her up. She jumped out of bed and was ready so quickly, with her needed high side ponytail.


She giggled, held my hand and skipped. After the short walk to the school, we joined the other families in the courtyard and waited for the doors to open and the first grade teachers to appear. Her teacher came out the door and she took off. A quick hug and kiss please? Want me to walk with you? A quick peck and "no, I'll go alone." And she was off.

There stood my first baby in a glob of children that didn't even know how to stand in a line yet. Her big brown eyes taking it all in as she listened to everything around her. As far as she was concerned, we were gone, because she didn't even look for us again. Surrounded by people speaking a foreign language, a backpack full of strange things (a fountain pen for a first grader?) on her back, she stood there tall, and proud, and ready. My brave girl.


A roller coaster of emotions followed me that day, but do you know what else followed? Notes. Comments. Emails. From my family and friends around the world. With each comment, vivid memories flooded my mind of when my friends around the world were standing in my shoes. Memories, of how God carried them through language barriers, tears, and frustrations. As the day went on, I felt as if I had my own cheering section, as these moms around the world cheered me on, and then later asked how everything went. On that, my baby girl's first day of school, it was mine too - my first day in the sisterhood of school moms.

Thanks for welcoming me so warmly girls! Thank you for your love and taking time in your day to cheer me on and pray for our family. Love can truly be felt from around the world, and I'm proud to be a school mom with you.