That's what I've been up to this week.

Standards are great. Goals to achieve are wonderful. To do lists can help keep you focused. But sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves. So what if you didn't get to cross everything off your list today? Did the world stop? Sometimes we don't stop to listen to our bodies when they are screaming for relief. Maybe that nap you thought about today would have served everyone around you a lot better than forcing yourself awake to answer the piled up emails? Slangry (sleepy + angry) is not good for anyone. Does everything really need to be done to absolute perfection? Are there something's you can just let go? Are some things just simply out of your control?

Stress induced shingles. They were my signal to STOP this week. So that to do list? I erased it. I gave myself a break. I'm talking pajamas, couch, pinterest and Netflix. I let my husband take over. I also let him buy me espresso chocolate and Dr. Pepper - my favorites. I've had the cutest little nurses whose kisses have a healing touch. I had time to think about my priorities. I revamped my goals. I scratched the non essentials off my list. 

My point: what's in your head and heart will somehow make it to the surface. If there's nothing but stress inside, the results are never going to be good. Trust me. 

Give yourself a break. I'm giving you permission to make it a priority.  Don't be so hard on yourself.