While everyone is thinking about the new year, I thought I'd throw my two cents in too.

Many people have a word, a phrase, a list of resolutions and goal. It seems that's all anyone is talking about this time of year and IT STRESSES ME OUT! Anybody with me?

To concentrate on so many things that need to be fixed, makes me feel like quitting before I begin.

One theme I see over and over again in all the New Year talk is: Take Risks!

risk: to put yourself out there; to try something new; to do something without knowing the outcome; to face your fears (my definition) 

This makes me laugh, really. When you become an expat, you have two choices. One - make everything around you just like it was at "home" and never enjoy reality and life that is actually happening around you. Two - dive in, throw open you heart, change, live where you are planted. If you choose the second way of expat living, then your life is full of risks. I laughed at this goal, because it was more of a description of my life, than a goal.

You see, everything in my life is taking a risk. Trying your best to speak a foreign language, sending your kids to national schools, learning new traditions, trying new foods, building relationships, even sometimes just simply grocery shopping. All of these things have an aspect of risk in them.

Would I trade my life for another one? NO WAY! So while I too have a list of things I want to improve on, my heart needs stilling even more. A refuge from all the risks. A place to breathe.

I guess I do have a word after all:


That's my goal for this year. When I let my heart see, there's much to be thankful for. When I open my eyes to God's gifts around me, in the middle of each risk I take, I'll be able to feel Him with me.

Happy New Year. Hope its your best so far!