I know there are people that love to dwell in higher realms of theory and discuss how things could be if only people did X. I am NOT one of those people. At all.

In all honesty, if it doesn't affect how I live my life...I don't have time for it!

I just really don't have time for the what if's and the "in a perfect world" conversations. If it doesn't affect my every day life, I soon become bored and lose interest. I like cold hard facts. I like to see proof.

So, I love how to's. I love recipes with pictures and ratings. I love to read about solutions to problems.

I hate books about parenting theories. You know, the ones that provide ways "to think" and what "state of mind" you should be in when your child is melting in a puddle on the floor having a fit. I'm sorry for those of you that love that stuff, but it helps me zilch to know how I can best help my kid in that moment.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm a A+B=C kind of girl.

As a result...

...I love God's promises. They are always true! Sure, I don't always know how they are going to flesh out in my life, but I know He can never go back on his Word.

....My husband calls me his Tinker. If something is broken, I can't stand it. I will google, YouTube, or whatever necessary to figure out how to fix something, or see if it can be repaired. If its broken, it has no practical use.

...I try my best to help prepare my kids for what they could possibly face. Give them skills to work through problems. Help them think out responses to questions or situations. We practice scenarios.

...It sometimes backfires on me. If I can't see that the outcome is going to equal C, then I get nervous or drag my feet. Even wishing sometimes I could control the situation. All of the above = NOT good. God and I talk about this one a lot. He's always right. I can trust him. Every time!

...I like to cut right to the chase - to the meat of the matter. It doesn't take me long to speak of heart issues. Surface conversations, although sometimes necessary, can drive me crazy. Let's get it out on the table and talk about it and see how we can help each other or ask God to help us.

What's funny is that on the flip side, I love being creative. I love the process. I love wondering the outcome of a project. I make music. I rarely play the just the notes on the page. (Much to my college professors' chagrin). It feeds my soul.

I'm learning to be comfortable in my skin. To acknowledge how God has made me. To better my strengths. To grow in my weaknesses, but not let them crush me. I'm becoming ok with the fact that I am just not good at some things. But, I've also learned that just because I may have a label: i.e. practical... it can be sinful to find comfort and stay there. God has shown me time and time again to be willing to trust him and go on the journey with Him, is where the excitement is. Its where I am changed. I become better. I change.

Don't let your strengths hold you captive. Listen to that still, small voice, His voice. Be willing to grow and change. Is it scary? YES! Is it hard? YES! Is it worth it? YES! Trust Him.