Some things in life make you happy...just because. I think the "just because," is just because God knew they would make you happy. A good father does that, right? Knows His child so well that even His gift giving is tailored to what His child likes, even in the small things. (Like my Dad who knows my love for puffy Cheetos and how if I'm carsick, they always do the trick!) Life is full of gifts. Look around you. I'm sure you can find a few.

Here are a few of my happies this week, pictures snapped with my phone. A few of my favorite things. 


Let's face it - having four kids, you go through lots of paper products. They might as well be cute, right? Napkins waaaayyyy on clearance! Now wiping up spills and cleaning hands and faces will be cuter in our household...for about a week. 


It's dark and blurry from bedtime. Big discussions with this little guy about everything to do with his princess that he will marry one day. After being disappointed at finding out his grandmothers were already taken, he decided that this is how he will smile at his princess one day. Melt. My. Heart. 


Sometimes you just feel like a culinary genius. Ha!! Not! But this week it dawned on me that if I cut up the frozen garlic butter bread I had bought, cranked up the heat one the oven, and stirred a few times as the butter melted--- ouila!! Croutons. No hassle croutons. They went great with our ceasar salad kick this week. (In other news....when in Europe and you buy Dijon mustard, it comes straight from France. It will burn your face off. Spicy! Resulting in spicy ceasar dressing. See? Culinary genius. Yikes!)


Happy Friday! You made it through the week. That was fun. Shall we do it again next Friday? Ok! See you then.