Lately, I've been asked why I'm not writing anymore. There have been many reasons, but  it all boils down to this: words.  


They undo me. I can be anywhere and be reading and can have my feelings flowing down my face as I'm swooped away to another world and can feel all the sadness or happiness of a character in a book. They get right to what my heart wants to say but couldn't figure out how.

They put me back together. There is nothing in the world like encouragement and kindness. When people use their words for good it causes ripples of change all around them. I love reading about other people's lives. Their self descriptions can be so movingly perfect for what I'm also walking through that the words wash over me and my souls begins to brighten. Yes! There's someone else out there that knows and feels like I do.

Then there are holy words that heal your soul, those dark, hurt corners in your heart that no one can see. Divine words that can only do what they do because of the power behind them and Who has spoken them. Timeless words that come alive to every reader.


But, to write must be able to follow a thought all the way to the end. To see it through. To complete it. To make it make sense. This can be a scary thing. Because let's face it, we don't always want to deal.

I'll never forget my high school English teacher saying that your thoughts are not clear unless you can write them out. so here I am. My thoughts a muddled mess, but realizing that writing these words is almost as necessary as breathing at times. My thoughts need to be clearer.

Words. They have power. They can rip someone apart in seconds. They can put them back together. They can lift someone up. I'm realizing the power of my words and my burning desire to be a change in the world.  

So, here I am back in my little space. Ignoring words no longer.  Making sense of my thoughts instead of avoiding them. Facing realities. Wanting to use my words for good.  

Welcome back. Go forth! Use your words for good. 

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