Morning school rush...give thanks.  

Sandwiches for lunch...give thanks.  

Family on the other side of the world...give thanks.  

Rushing to dance class, everyone in tow...give thanks.  

Every store open. People everywhere...give thanks.  

Frozen pizza for dinner...give thanks.  

Going bedtime alone...give thanks. 

I won't sugar coat it. Homesickness and loneliness are real feelings that flood my heart on holidays and threaten to steal any joy I could find. Maybe for you its heartbreak, or mourning.

Yes, I will miss you today, my sweet family!  I'll miss how loud you are, and how good the food smells and tastes, the dessert table, the hugs, the lingering at the table long after we could eat another bite. But, know that your love crosses the ocean, even when hearts ache and arms long to hold each other tight.

Today, here's what I'm thankful for: while my emotions will be all over the place, I'm glad that Jesus is in the business of making hearts whole, and I'm counting on Him to do that for me and you today. He's big enough to handle everything that we are feeling and wants to! So, give Him all the pieces of your heart and look for those gifts around you, straight from Him to you.

While my day will look NOTHING like yours, here's the better spin on my day:

Kids happily rushing out the door to school...give thanks.  

No dishes at lunch...give thanks.  

Feeling so much love from so far away...give thanks.  

Kids happily hopping on the tram to take sister to dance...give thanks.  

Being able to pop in the grocery store and buy something I forgot...give thanks.  

Quick, warm dinner on a cold night...give thanks.  

Sweet, slobbery goodnight kisses and giggles...give thanks.  

Happy Thanksgiving from our crew to yours!


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