I don't know about you, but I'm a jumbled mess on Mondays. So here's some randomness for you. 

- Some of the most amazing people in the world are single parents. Whew. I just did four days without my better half and they were the busiest days we have had in a loooong time. Single parents, you are heroes! And I'm praying for extra strength and stamina and love to flood your life.  



 - Has anyone else's kids found Full House on Netflix? Check out that Uncle Jessie hair and Elvis face ⤴️

- our job allows us a lot of flexibility. We office a ton at our local Starbucks. Somehow getting out of the house for emails, reports, and paperwork makes one more productive. Not to mention, we LOVE our Starbucks baristas. They are part of our family. Here's my view today: 



- The oldest Christmas market in our country is right outside that window. Christmas time here is magical. 

- working with my love is hilarious and the amount of caffeine we consume is crazy!  



- when my husband speaks to large crowds of people, he likes to take a group selfie. Never a dull moment with that one. 


- waking up on Monday morning to deal with life in a foreign language is just rude. There I said it! But, now that I've had my coffee and have my cowgirl boots on, I'm dealing better.  

Go drink your coffee, put on your boots, and let's rock this jumbled mess Monday!