Advent, Advent, 

ein Lichtlein brennt.  

Erst eins, dann zwei, 

dann drei, dann vier, 

dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür.  


Sweet little voices can be heard everywhere, reciting this sweet little poem, beginning with the very young kindergarten kids. Advent season is very celebrated where we live. It's such a festive, fun time! There are many fun traditions and we include some of them in our family. 

Advent wreath 

There are so many variations, but one must have a wreath. It can take many forms but must have four candles. Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas. A candle is lit each Sunday. You can buy a wreath already made or make your own. Here's just a small sample of the wreaths available in a local grocery store


Ours is very simple and maybe I'll add some greenery to it later. Maybe not.  


Each Sunday we gather around the table to eat and light a candle, remembering each week a different aspect of the abundant life Jesus gives us. Last week we celebrated the hope we have in Him. He always keeps all his promises! 

Advent Calendar 

About a month before advent season begins, stores are full of advent calendars of every shape and size. Some are boxes with doors for each day, with anything from chocolate to a toy waiting for you. Others are the type you can fill yourself. While we have done the chocolate ones, this year we opted to use only our calendar that can be filled. 


You know all those helpful articles floating around Facebook? One of them (which I can't find anymore), said something to the effect of...mommy, if it will make you scream and yell, don't do it. Isn't that perfect?! So, what's in each bag? Some days, a piece of paper with an activity. On the others - candy!!  

I'll confess that in the pat few years, I have strived too hard for a perfect Advent season, and let me tell you, there's nothing magical about a stressed out mom or wife. So, I'm giving you permission, along with myself to LET IT GO! There are more bags that have candy in them than activities. There will be more cuddles and Christmas movies and popcorn, twinkling lights and candles, and less stress. 

Making Room 

for Jesus that is. Making room in our hearts. Ridding ourselves of greediness that can creep in this time of year and thinking more of others instead. 


We make hay for Jesus (I stole this idea from a sweet friend). When you do something kind for someone else, you get to put some hay in the manger, getting it ready for Jesus. Yep, that's a dish rack, but it works for us.  


We read a story out of this wonderful book each night. It's the exciting story of how God planned long ago to rescue each of us and bring us back to Him and his plan included sending His only son to live, die, and rise again. But it all started with Jesus being born as a baby, and God keeping his promises from all the years before. It's your story and mine.  

There's a little look into Advent in our family. Traditions from near and far that have all become ours. How does your family celebrate Advent?