I do not have it all together. My goodness, no. In my dreams, everything on my to do list gets done every day and I don't ever forget anything. In reality, I drop the kids off and have forgotten their pajamas and snacks, all the while thinking "whew! That was so easy. Man! I'm rocking this Monday morning." Only to figure out how much I totally did NOT rock it at all.

My husband tries tirelessly to get me to sync our digital calendars. Bless his heart. I try. Sometimes. I'm just a pen and paper girl.  I've tried going digital, but my to do lists and reminders disappear somewhere in the interwebs. 

While I don't have it together, there are a few things that I love and use that help me further down the road of together (does anyone every really get there?) and I thought I would share them with you: 

  1. coffee
  2. my favorite calendar
  3. a little notebook

Its like my brain can actually think after it has been caffeinated. And it thinks so much clearer in a cozy coffe shop ;) 


This place is so cozy and was founded in the 1800s. It was the perfect little spot to find my head on Monday.  


Coffee...basic here - take the time to slow down and think through everyone's everything, and make sure I have it all written down, and make all the lists, of all the things, that goes with everyone's everything. Not confusing at all, right?  

Calendar yall! I have found my life calendar. It's just so good I have to share it. 


I have my 2016 all ready to go. It has a weekly calendar on one side, a page for notes on the other. A handy pocket in the back, and an elastic closure to keep all your goods inside. I'm really in love with this thing. The family life is right in here. Events. Memories from the days. Recipes. Reminders. If you're a pen and paper person like me, run! Go get one.  

Notebook this little jewel is small enough to slide in any bag I have. What's in it you ask? EVERYTHING. to dos, menus, grocery lists, thoughts, ideas, sketches, quotes, notes from meetings - a mix of two languages, dreams, work stuff, home stuff, fun stuff. Basically, my brain is in this little book. It finally dawned on me that I was losing lists everywhere. So I decided to make an ongoing list.  It's how I can sleep at night when everything is floating around in my head. I get out my little notebook and write it all down and then off to sleep I go. While I don't always carry my calendar with me, I always have this little guy. 


So, there's the method to my madness. Not together, but it helps. Long live paper!