I can't believe my last post was in Februray. Continuing the thought of being practical...it became practical not to keep writing. This blog fell down to the bottom of the list.  

I'm thankful that most of life comes in seasons. What I mean is - most likely what's happening in life right now is not going to last forever.  

It has been a season. I personally had a few months of sickness in the spring. And then a season of the heart came. It was hard. It was sad. It was hard. The easy thing about following God is that there are times it is so clear what He wants you to do with your life that it's so easy to follow. We are thankful that has been our case. We don't doubt His plan. But there are times in life when other voices do doubt and do not approve and are vocal. (Jesus said this would happen) 

Its been a season of tearing down. Its been a season of searching. It's been a season of learning to trust through the really hard. It's been a season with surprising new encouragement. It's been a season of refreshment. 

Most of all - it's been a season of healing. We have learned that, just like He promised, Jesus wins. Love covers a multitude of sins. He promises not to forget or forsake you and He won't! Jesus wins.  

So, if you are walking (or crawling) through a season like that. Don't for a second think you are alone. You're not. He knows and hasn't forgotten you! 

I believe everyone's heart has a song at certain times. Here has been mine. I hope you find it bursting full of God's promises to you and that you choose to believe He is for you.  



"Sovereign Over Us"

Michael W. Smith

There is strength within the sorrow

There is beauty in our tears

And You meet us in our mourning

With a love that casts out fear

You are working in our waiting

You're sanctifying us

When beyond our understanding

You're teaching us to trust


Your plans are still to prosper

You have not forgotten us

You're with us in the fire and the flood

You're faithful forever

Perfect in love

You are sovereign over us


You are wisdom unimagined

Who could understand Your ways

Reigning high above the Heavens

Reaching down in endless grace

You're the lifter of the lowly

Compassionate and kind

You surround and You uphold me

And Your promises are my delight


Even what the enemy means for evil

You turn it for our good

You turn it for our good and for Your glory

Even in the valley, You are faithful

You're working for our good

You're working for our good and for Your glory


Keep listening to HIS voice and no others. Trust Him for His plan for your life. Remember through it all that Jesus wins. He wins over broken hearts. He wins over plans and ideas of men. He wins and conquers sin. He fights for us and He wins.