Hey y'all! I'm finally back. Is your 2016 off to a good start? 



I've never had a word or phrase for the year, but this time, I'm giving it a go. Here's our family phrase for the year:  

finish strong

 We have a lot of new things coming our way and we need to stay a little more focused. So whether it is the smaller things like putting toys or laundry away (hello cleaner house!) to way bigger things, like packing up our whole house and moving across the ocean (we will see you in a few months, USA!) we need to finish strong! 



While we are counting on big strength from God, we want to do our best and put one foot in front of the other and finish whatever job is before us.  


Our family prays your '16 is filled with many blessings from God and special nearness to Him.  

Do you have a word or phrase for this year? 

Edited to add: our move to the States is not final. We will enjoy our time there for one year before returning to this side of the world.