Good morning. I see you there. Puffy eyed. Waiting for the coffee to finish, so you can get some of that warmness flowing through your body to wake your brain up. Long night? Little sleep? Me too. Here's what I'm thinking about this morning...


I would like to invite you to live in reality today. Don't let the world lie to you. There's no perfect day. There's no perfect life. There's no perfect home. No perfect family. No Instagram filter strong enough to make all the blah go away. Your to do list is looooong. The piles of laundry or dirty dishes? Mountainous. Work? How are we going to face it?

And Mondays? I don't know about you, but most of my Mondays are just pretty hard. I have an inkling they may be for you too.  

One thing I love to see when I read my Bible, is how Jesus saw people. Like really saw them. And most of the time it was people no one else paid attention to. And you know what happened when he saw them? They felt loved, they felt cared for, important even, like they mattered and their lives were literally changed forever.

Sometimes loving like Jesus is hard. But y'all, sometime we make it way more difficult than it is!! It's not hard to look around and see someone. Give them a smile. Say a kind word. Help someone out a little. Pick something up they dropped. Give someone a compliment. Hold a door open. Let someone know you're thinking about them. Give an extra hug to someone you love. All of the above is Jesus love. Not. Too. Hard. 

 So, on this Monday morning, I just wanted to say I see you. I'm working through the Monday stink right with you - and so is the rest of the world no matter what social media tells you. You're rocking that cute outfit, or those clothes you wore all day yesterday and slept in (not that I know anything about that). You have a great smile. You're really funny. And I agree, Mondays are hard! 

So, let's go pour that second cup. And I think that together, we could make Monday a little more bearable. Take that, Monday!