Yesterday. Good Friday, its called. Yesterday found me tired. A day of cleaning house, cooking for my crew, and ahhhhh, a nap. 

Instead of our normal traditions of making a Calvary hill and tomb out of clay, I listened to my tiredness and we opted for a simpler story time and talking about what happened long ago on that day. I'm learning to listen to the tiredness and make choices that don't make us all scream. I'm so glad I did last night.  

We read from a children's Bible of how Jesus had done nothing wrong. How they were so angry at him - enough to beat him unrecognizable, nail him to a cross - angry enough to spit on him, laugh at him, and kill him. We talked about how Jesus' friends must have felt, so scared and sad.  


Then we talked about us, and how Jesus paid for us to be forever with God. The only way we can get there is through the blood of his perfect sacrifice. We talked about how really, our sin makes us deserve everything that happened to Jesus. 

It really was a quiet, somber conversation for my always lively, rowdy crew. As I sat there holding one of my boys in my lap, we were all feeling the sadness of this gift we all didn't deserve. He looked up at me, huge tears quietly rolling down his cheeks.  

 "If only Adam and Even had covered their ears or stomped on that 'ol snake, Jesus would not have had to do that for me!"

Yes, he said Even instead of Eve, and I wanted to giggle a little bit. But his five year old heart was broken, and his thinking right on point. Oh yes, baby boy, that's exactly where all the broken started. That's not the way God wanted it to be at all!


A mom of two boys, I've pondered before what it must have been like to be the mom of Jesus. I found this beautiful Offerring of what her thoughts may have been. So heartbreaking to watch her son be torn apart, so our lives could be pieced back together. So the son in my arms could live whole, and live forever. 

Yesterday was a Good Friday, full of pain, hurt, longing, terror, tragedy, sadness. Just take a look at the news. It was a Good Friday because we can bank on the fact that Jesus has felt all of those things for us and can walk with us through them.

We don't have to be alone in our pain. As all of God's anger at sin filled the heart of Jesus, He was forced to face and feel it all alone without the help of his father.

He did that for us. For every sadness, pain, and heartbreak. His death paid for the hope we have. Believing Jesus' death on the cross paid for our sin, brings promise of being forgiven and being made whole. The promise of living for eternity with God who loves us so much, he sent his son to die for us. 


Through all the pain, came a Good Friday, and I was able to look down into those sweet teary eyes and tell him that the story didn't end in death. All that pain was not for nothing. We don't have to stay stuck in sin and heartbreak.  

Let the pain of Good Friday wash over you. Feel undeserving. Feel heartbroken. But feel excitement, because God made something beautiful out of the most horrible pain ever. it's something He has always done and something He will forever do. 

If only they had covered their ears, there would have never been a Good Friday. If only they had covered their ears, you and I would have never known the great lengths God would go to rescue us. We wouldn't know the depth of His love. He didn't stop at anything to make things right again.