"At least it will smell good,"  that's what's I thought to myself that day. Just light the candles. 

A dear friend was coming over for coffee. It wasn't a surprise. I knew she was coming. But I just couldn't get my act together. That panic feeling started rising up in me. That old lie that tells me I need to have the house perfect before company comes. I'm in recovery from living that life. 

What's funny is, this friend is one of "those" friends. The kind that jumps right into your life and understands what life with four kids and a football player husband looks like and it doesn't even phase them. The kind that even offers to help you fold laundry. The kind that may load your dishwasher when you aren't looking. The kind that makes you sigh with relief and helps you relax. 


I made coffee and had some chocolate chip cookie bars (new recipe we tried and love!) made and we sat with baskets of laundry in view and a two year old running around crazy and enjoyed our afternoon. Good conversation. Laughter and tears. It was all there - the making of a good afternoon. Exactly what I needed. It was so fun. 

But I almost ruined it all. All because I was worried about what my house looked like. 

Y'all!! Guess what?!?! Other people have dirty dishes. Other people have laundry. Other people have little people that use the bathroom at their house. Other people...live in their house too. Gasp!  And you know what my friend said? She was glad to know someone else lived like that. 

Do you feel your shoulders beginning to lower? That panic feeling starting to go away? Good.

Now, go light your candles. Shove the laundry to the side of the room. Have a friend (or more) over. Let someone into your mess. Into your real L-I-F-E. It's way less lonely and a lot more fun!

And hey, at least it will smell good.