Confession: I'm sitting here at my kids' bedtime drinking a cup of actually hot coffee (sometimes it's the only time of day this is possible), thinking earth shattering mothering thoughts (I'm sure!). Wondering, does anyone else have to drink coffee to make it through bedtime? 

My husband plays American football in the GFL. This means a ton of fun and excitement for our family that we love! This also means that there is practice at least three times a week. Translation: mommy does bedtime alone quite often - hence the cup of coffee.  

Coffee at bedtime combined with thinking about a few other glorious mothering moments, a text from a dear friend, a funny comment from my mom, and so many mom pictures and Facebook statuses this week has got me thinking.. 


Whole grain people! That's where it's at! 

The text said something along the lines of..."whole grain for lunch around here. Just like you taught me. Ha!"

Upon telling my mom it was gourmet dinner night, she laughed and said "popcorn? Add some fruit and you have a well rounded meal." 

Guilty as charged y'all. When Daddy has practice or an away game and Mommy is d-o-n-e, Mommy has served up popcorn for a meal, with a side of fruit and a movie.  

It's a whole grain. That's what I've told myself, and others, to make us all feel better. (Don't google that. It is possibly not true.)


The truth is, life gets us like woah sometimes, whether you're a mom or not and we have the choice to make it work with what we have and keep our sanity, and keep going, or not.

Whether it's a bag of popcorn, or frozen pizza, you have my permission to just go with it. There. Someone said it. 


Best mothering practices? Probably not, but I'm praying the cuddles on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn and a movie will outweigh any memories of how tired I actually was. The memories of dark circles under my eyes will be replaced with the excitement of a crazy meal served up with lots of love. I know some of the most fun and funniest times in our house growing up was over frozen pizza on Sunday nights after a long day at church. Rewinding to those times sure would be so fun. Treasures in my heart. 

 So, please stop beating yourself up if life is getting you down. Sometimes a huge gift from God to us is popcorn. Enjoy it! Serve that whole grain up with lots of love.