Mexican food. Ritter Sport chocolate. Dr. Pepper. Mineral water. Brown water. Real coffee. 


The whir of the tram. The wind blowing through the trees. Cobble stones and walking miles a day. Paved roads, no sidewalks, driving everywhere. City blocks. Pastures and cows. 


Turning off my second language when I want to. Understanding every word whether I want to or not. Small apartment. Large house.

Sweet friendships. Making new friends. Quiet. Loud. Busy. Busier. Far away. Close.  

Heimweh. Homesick.  

We made it across the world to our other home a few months ago and have not slowed down. We had an astounding welcome from our family and friends and church. A welcome that will never be forgotten. We have had a wonderful beyond words, time seeing our family that we love so dear! We have been adjusting and having many firsts together as a family.  


In the midst of it all, we have found ourselves in a world of stark contrasts. Loving and longing. We are working hard to feel all the feels that come with such extreme moves. We talk. We pray. We work to understand. We continue to feel. Best days ever end with tears on the pillow. Other days fly by with belly laughs and happy tears at being so near. We live every day in the limbo of Heimweh. Homesickness. We are at home and we miss home. 


Honestly, despite all the feelings, we wouldn't trade it. We love this opportunity we get to be "home" for this time. Aunts. Uncles. Cousins. Grand and great grandparents. Time together is treasures in our hearts that we will hold onto forever. 


So for now, we are going to enjoy this home. We are going to BE here, as best as we know how. We are going to thank God that our family and our home spans the globe. We are going to trust that He will continue to give us what we need for each day.  

So friends, near and far, hello from this side of the world! Its good to see you again.